Please check your emails from us!

The email titled "[START HERE] How to access your membership" covers the same info here and is a great thing to refer back to.

In order to access our website'll need to access your account!

If you got an email titled "Activate your Corrections Account" then just click the link in that email. If you didn't get that email, it means you've already created an account on our website using the email address you just signed up with. You can just login to our website here using this email or click Forgot Password on the Login page if you're not sure of your password.

Am I ready to go for this week's drop?
You can easily see if you're ready to cop this week as when you login to with your email it should say Membership status: Active.

Payment Portal
The other email you just received should be called "Payment Portal" and this is important if you ever want to update your billing info, view your invoices or cancel your membership. This is a separate system so although you'll use the same email to login, your password is set separately.

If you have any other questions, please let us know!